Kali a dragonborn was raised by her human father in a warband where she learnt how to fight.


Kali grew up not knowing much about who she was or where she was from. Found by the captain of a warband she was raised around fighting and soon discovered that she had talents in the same area. Torn between wanting to fight to inpress her father and wanting to be a human girl like her friends.

The adventure in Auterra changed Kali from the naive girl she was to one who was sure she wanted to fight. She was bloody good at it. Also, in Auterra she was occasionally mistaken as a god which may have gone to her head.

After returning from Auterra Kali split from Eli and Indra and decided that she would return to her father. Her father was overjoyed that she was still alive and decided that to protect her meant that she would not be allowed to fight anymore. He found another dragonborn who he decided she should marry.

Kali really was not happy with this idea so she left. Not really knowing anyone except those in the warband and the city where she lived she decided to find either Eli or Indra.

Indra wasn’t so nice, so she decided to try and find Eli first, but the path went dead.

So off she went to the town where Indra was a wise woman. She really didn’t expect a warm welcome but when she arrived Indra had her bags packed and was ready to hit the road.

The next four and a bit years Kali and Indra spent adventuring. Indra became less of a wise woman and Kali learnt the ways of the earth from Indra. Her fighting style became more natural and less like what she knew from her fighter training. Her old reckless fighting style turned primal and she fell into rages that took her deeper into a primal state.


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